Friday, 31 January 2014

One down...

Thirty nine to go. And already the idea of it ending makes me sad. I have 21 delightfully challenging and interesting young people in my care, and I adore them!  My classroom is a peaceful and inviting place. My team comprises four very different individuals which makes collaboration interesting and productive. The wider staff is fun and supportive. The leadership team is great.  I love my new job.

I cry every single time I read this.
It deals with death so beautifully.
Some highlights so far:
  1. Meeting my class. Starting to make connections. Watching tears well in one little man's eyes when I told him that I believe in him. (I said it many times because he didn't want to believe me; it was a little bit like that scene in Good Will Hunting where Robin Willliams' character tells Matt Damon's character that "it's not his fault".) 
  2. Allowing my class to see me nearly cry while I read a picture book to them. (Yes, they are year 6/7s but nobody is EVER too old for good picture books. And this one is amazing.) 
  3. Reading to my class. Reading with my class. Setting up the class library (well, more like guiding the children through the process because it's their library so they did it all). Starting our reading journals.
  4. Reading the students' end of week reflections. (I insisted on at least one positive comment and one comment about future growth.) 
  5. Collaborating with the other teachers in our 6/7 unit. Love it.
  6. Hearing, from a parent, that one of my students already loves me (always gratifying right?) and is boring the family senseless with endless commentary about "things that Mrs RP said". I'd better keep that in mind hey?
  7. Setting up a Facebook group for the parents of my class. Within 24 hours I have nearly half the class represented. How awesome is it that I can communicate so easily and directly with my parents?
  8. The school's very well developed value system and use of Play is the Way. (If you're unfamiliar with PitW, I highly recommend you check it out.)
There are so many more, but off the top of my head this was a good start. In case it's at all ambiguous... I love my new job.


  1. Sounds great Markeeta. Your students are lucky to have you. Which school are you teaching at now? Lianne

  2. Hi Lianne. Thanks for reading! I'm at Hackham East PS now. Amazing school. A little further to travel but that's a small price to pay for the opportunity to work in a school like this.