Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mentor Sentences - Part II

Remember my mentor sentence from yesterday?
I have slipped the surly bonds of earth and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings.
As promised: I asked my students if they would share some of their sentences. Not everyone was keen but here are some from the those who were:
I have abandoned the bloody shackles of prison and moped the land on long-forgotten charms. (Gab)
I have killed the anger inside of me and brought the best on I could be. (Jaz)
I have travelled the adventurous ocean of Atlantica and swam the darkest reefs with my sharp brown  spear. (Tiahnee)
I have sung the beautiful music of Australia and performed on bright-shimmering stages. (Sara)
I have surfed the light-hearted waves of shores and swum the waters on giggling-golden beaches. (Tayla)
I have left the tight hold of worlds and escaped the Earth on small-angel wings. (Avril)
I have caught the beautiful birds of Adelaide and brushed the clouds with the softest-white feathers. (Kyra)
I have driven the dry roads of Australia and jumped the jetty on sandy-wet beaches. (Nikita)
I have stomped the monster on Pandora and jumped off the castles on mountains. (Corey)
I have run the muddy track of Mount Magnificent and jumped the finish line on quivering legs.  (Riley) 
I have spun the sticky webs of spider and wrapped the flies on joyful webs. (Blaed)
I'm impressed. I hope their parents (with whom I've also shared this blog post) are too!

This relates to the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers...
Standard 3.7 Engage parents/carers in the educative process 
Standard 5.5 Report on student achievement
Standard 7.3 Engage with parents/carers


  1. I have been inspired, and with hope to sustain me, will close my eyes and dream, will sigh and imagine the restoration of this Earth.

    Love your work "kiddos."

    1. I've just shared this with the kiddos - they're watching me type on the Apple TV - and they all say thank you. Thanks kiddo!

  2. They all made me say 'WOW'.
    I'm not sure of your classroom discussion focus, but the strongest theme I could feel running through all of these was a passion for this amazing country in which we live.
    Well done again and keep up the great writing.

    1. I noticed that too, and was quite surprised. All of our WBWs (until yesterday) have been about Australia though so maybe that explains it?
      I'm very lucky to have a group of students who are amazingly keen to develop their reading and writing. These sentences are inspiring! Can't wait to see their next steps.
      Thanks for reading!